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Will be back for sure

 I would just like to write and say what a great experience i’ve had at the barn hunt trials that I have attended.   To date I’ve only been to 2 different venues , my first and all but one other trial have been at Tail Waggin Events in Robbinsville NJ.   They are a  class act from start to finish and go out of their way to help and accommodate all exhibitors.    The other venue was in Millstone and while there were no issues it just wasn’t the same.  I try to attend as many trials as I can ( I have currently have 3 dogs with barn hunt titles) and I can always count on spending my day on a beautiful and well maintained property, great judges, friendly exhibitors and a great lunch snack table!    I’ve been meaning to give them a thumbs up after the last trial I attended in January, when the weather was not favorable, they went above and beyond to make all comfortable.
Darlene, Jim, Denise – Great job! I will be back for sure. Well Done Tail Waggin’

Thank you for you time
Jackie McIlhenny
and the boys
TJ – RatN
Doc – RatO
Dublin – RatN


Jackie McIlhenny

Wonderful 2 days of fun and learning!

This weekend (1-14 and 1-15-17) my husband and I attended and competed for the first time at the Barn Hunt trial at Tail Waggin’ Events. We had been to one training session but missed the “Fun Trial” they held due to weather and other commitments. It didn’t matter….all of the staff and participants were very thorough in explaining what was going on, how you were required to handle your dog and answered all questions. The trial moved right along and it was a wonderful 2 days of fun and learning! I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, low stress yet exciting sport to enjoy with your dog, regardless of breed (or mix) or size!

Heidi Bergmann-Schoch

Great practice runs as well as competitions

My dogs absolutely love barn hunting, great exercise for the mind and body it gives them a chance to use natural instincts. Tail Waggin events holds great practice runs as well as competitions.

Deb McCray

Wonderful venue, competitors, judges and event.

Wonderful venue, competitors, judges, and event. People are so kind and helpful to newcomers like me. My 12 year old Siberian husky earned her first leg at our first trial!!!

Romil Limson

Owners make you feel welcome

Events at this farm are very “homey”…the owners make u feel welcome and really work hard to make their events go smoothly. Barns are heated and cheers from the barns when a dog Q’s can be heard all over the property. People have fun and cheer each other on…great environment and very helpful people here

Catherine Lundbeck

Great place

Great place to do barn hunt and very helpful people!

Karen Coppola

Absolutely the best

Barn Hunt at TWE was absolutely the best. We had a great time and it finished early. They added a third judge and made a big ditterence. Everyone is nice and the food was great.

Janis Robertson

Every really helpful and encouraging!

My doberman, Deemi loved this event, picked up on the instinct,. had a ball, our very first practice. Everyone really helpful and encouraging! Can’t wait for their next practice.

Eve Nelson-Barry

Friendly, helpful and accommodating

Snow and cold weather aside (I guess they can’t control that), we had a great time at Saturday’s Barn Hunt. They are friendly, helpful and accommodating. I cant wait for their next event.

David Pobereskin

Always a pleasant experience

Always a pleasant experience for both dogs and handlers.

Gloria McCrave

Thank you to Darlene

Thank you to Darlene for all her great training & patience!

Lorraine Cannon

Always a good time

Always a good time..both for humans and canines. I recommend this group.

Patricia Terray-Schaeffer

Great community feel

Darlene is so kind & patient. A great community feel at Events.
Highly recommended!

Desma Dunne

Incredibly helpful and informative

Elphaba and I had a wonderful time this weekend at the barn hunt trials. The staff were incredibly helpful and informative. In addition to having a great time competing, we both learned a lot about this fun sport. I HIGHLY recommend Tail Waggin Events and can’t wait for their next training session or trial!

Michelle Brooks

Welcoming fun atmosphere

…and my dog loves Barn Hunt too. Welcoming fun atmosphere and great location!

Misa Martin

Great time with our first experience

My dogs and I had a great time with our first experience in barn hunt today. Thanks for all the help and for answering my questions

Therese Weiner

Well organized events

Well organized events in spacious facilities. We love coming here!

Ellen Burden Parker

Very positive experience in our first Barnhunt!

Had a great time and a very positive experience in our first Barnhunt! The people are so friendly and helpful. Another great way to keep your dog busy & stimulated. If your dog likes to “critter”, this is a must try activity.

Bonnie Smagacz-Starnes

So much fun

Lida having so much fun. Thanks! Will try to make in the next events!

Connie Wang

Great experience today

Great Experience today. Organized and well run experience.

Dawn Tux-Kipper

Awesome group

awesome group! I highly recommend attending the barn hunts with them

Laura J Anderson

Great venue

great venue, great people, great food, great fun…THANX from nan and yani

Nan Wishwood

Great trial

Great trial and a bunch of good people. Always look forward to our next trial there.

Michael MacLeod

Loves BH

Can’t wait for my Cara to be well again. She loves BH & we both love Tail Waggers. See you soon.

Maureen Kelliher

Ardesia’s Favorite Place

Ardesia’s favorite place! my dog wants to go there all the time!

Julia T. Dunning

My first barnhunt experience was

My first barnhunt experience was at Tail Waggin Events several years ago. We had so much fun we’ve been hooked ever since. We always have a good time!

Lynda Paul

Tail Waggin is the Best

Yes, my dogs love barn hunting. But I want to thank Darlene, Jim and Denise for all they do for the sport. Darlene and Jim graciously open their property to all of us to have a fun and safe place to practice and compete. DJD work tirelessly to make every event the best it can be with the utmost effort and care to see that our dogs are safe and are having a great time. Putting on practices and trials is not easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to make it all happen. DJD are truly committed to the betterment of the sport but even more than that, to each and every one of us who participate succeeding with our dogs–enjoying the day and allowing us to share the fun of our dogs working. Thanks for providing the opportunity to play in the sport, thanks for your time and all of your efforts, thanks for the practices that take you away from time with your own family and dogs, thanks for all the suggestions and time your give to each of us at a practice to make us better teams, thanks for the trials, thanks! You are very much appreciated and I always look forward to the next opportunity to practice or trial because it is another day to make it the bestest day ever for me and my dogs!!

Laurie Odgers

Great barn hunt venue!

Chloe and I have been to two practices and the May 2018 trial here. This is our barn hunt home-everyone is so friendly, welcoming, and helpful. They have a great system for getting total newbies like Chloe and I started, plus great advice as you progress (couch cushion tunnels for practice = genius!). The trial was very well organized and run and everyone was happy to answer questions. The property has plenty of room to walk an impatient dog, with helpful signs so you don’t accidentally end up where you’re not supposed to be. We will be back for every barn hunt event they offer.

Cindy Kruger

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