Tail Waggin’ Events supports many different types of events and more will be added as we go along. As of this update, March 2018, we are focused on Barn Hunts and Earth Dog events.  All of our activities are located in our general area of New Jersey. You can go to the Events page to see upcoming events and schedules.

Check back with us regularly – we will be adding more types of events soon!


Barn Hunts

Barn Hunts are not only interesting but can be very entertaining for both handles and observers – and certainly for the dogs.  Setting a dog loose in a barn-like environment to track down a rat or two provides all sorts of entertainment as noses get busy and hay goes flying. Jumping from one hay bale to the next, hay goes flying – and eventually a target rat is found.  Learn more about Barn Hunts.

Earth Dog

The natural hunting habitat for several smaller AKC breeds includes both above ground AND underground – and that is what Earth Dog is all about.  While the representative dogs are primarily terriers, dachshunds and a few other miniatures are also AKC eligible breeds for Earth Dog events. Earth dogs will actively scout into underground “dens” to find target cages of rats. There are a few classification levels for Earth Dog events and if you’re ready to see if YOUR dog has the right stuff, check out the Earth Dog page for more information!